our story

CrossRoads first began meeting in homes in 1998 with the idea that we would be a purpose driven church, placing the importance of individual relationships with God above all else. This progressed to meeting at the Association office and in 1999 we called a full-time pastor from Texas. We then began meeting in his garage on Sundays. The praise team fondly referred to as “The Gang” led worship each Sunday. From there we purchased a wooded parcel of land (10 acres) and began to build. For one year we met on a concrete slab in 20-degree weather (yes it does get cold here) and in 100-degree weather (and it does get hot too!). We would meet newcomers with blankets or fans; which ever was necessary. Believe it or not, it never rained us out that year.

Within the last three years, CrossRoads has grown not only structurally but spiritually has well. We are a church made up of people from all walks of life that have realized God gives everyday people a second chance to find new meaning and hope in Jesus Christ. At CrossRoads, it is our prayer that no matter who enters our doors and no matter where they’ve been, they will meet Jesus here and, through Him, find new meaning and hope in their lives.

CrossRoads begins 2010 with another building program.  A new educational building for the children and the youth is being planned.  There is also expansion and renovation planned for the existing worship building.  We hope to see the work completed by the end of the summer.

As a testimony to our love for God, our Father, the Grady County Baptist Association has honored us with their nomination to the 2009 Annual Georgia Baptist Convention as the Missions and Outreach Church of the Year.  We are humbled and excited about what God is doing in our fellowship.

God continues to be gracious toward us.  Why don't you come and see what He is doing?!