get involved

At CRC, there are many opportunities to get involved. We challenge everyone to "get involved" and to become active participants in God's Kingdom.

Contact a Ministry

Whatever your age or interest area, there is a place for you to get involved at CRC. Our many ministries offer multiple ways to be a part of our community, learn more about our faith and serve others. Through our ministries, you will also find loving communities of people who can support and guide you through life's journey.

To learn more about CRC ministries, click here.

Join a Hometeam

Hometeams are an important part of our church. Hometeams provide a small group environment for people to study the Bible, pray together, and encourage one another in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is in hometeams where people truly connect, and are cared for in a biblical way.

To learn more about Hometeams at CRC, click here.

Become a Church Member

Joining our church is not like joining a club. There are no dues or secret handshakes. The only requirement is a profession of belief in Jesus Christ. To learn more about membership classes at CRC, click here.


CRC offers a number of ways to “get involved” and serve. Our many ministries provide a spring board for involvement at any level. Whether you want to take part in a fellowship group, travel on a Mission trip, work with kids or simply pray for someone, you can find a place to do so here. No job is ever too large or too small to be pleasing to God - and you just may be surprised how pleasing it is to you!

To learn more about serving opportunities at CRC, click here.